Cambridge University: Ph.D studying Whirligig beetles

1990 October - 1994 January

Created by Mark on 06/09/2019

As a postgraduate student, a whole new chapter of Dawn's life began.  As well as studying the grouping behaviour of the iconic Whirligig beetles under Dr William Foster, cementing her reputation as a diligent and insightful scientist, she also met a whole new group of graduate friends, and threw herself into college life,taking on the role of MCR President to give back something to the college  She also fulfulled her dream to represent the University at rowing, winning the Women's lightweight race at Henley in 1992.  She carried on regular coaching for Clare Boat Club for the next ten years.

It was during this period that Dawn met her future husband Mark, building the foundations of what would prove to be a lasting and loving relationship.